GRANDPRIX ORIGINALS is the only brand world-wide to bring the drive and lifestyle of the Grandprix and endurance racing scene and its icons like Steve McQueen, Le Mans, Gulf and Heuer alive today with high quality, fashionable products. We are at home wherever there are fast racecars, classic cars and good taste. We look forward to sharing this passion with you!
Inspired by the unmistakable design and colors of the Gulf racecar, this edition of the GRANDPRIX leather sneaker takes pole position…

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Cape Town is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And it not only offers picturesque mountains, sandy beaches and endless blue skies, but also an amazing classic car scene. South Africans of all skin colours are true petrol heads. The perfect location to shoot Grand Prix Original’s 2017 collection.

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From the mid-sixties to the early seventies the light blue and orange Gulf race cars were the stars at sportscar championships.

Even today there is still a lot of support and many fans like to wear the Gulf logo to tap into that spirit.

The 24 Hour race at Le Mans, an endurance race with unique flair, is one of the toughest races for driver and car alike.

The legendary Ford GT 40 sportscar won in Gulf colors for the first time in 1968. The legendary Porsche 917 followed…

TSteve McQueen financed and produced the 1971 film Le Mans at a high risk for himself, but created a racecar driver epic that still fascinates today.

GPO has a lot of original photos from the original set photographer of Le Mans, excerpts can be acquired in our online shop in the MEDIA section.

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